Inner Strength 45Min Pilates4Dance, Health Benefits

With Pilates we search for our own personal best in any dance, sport or in our daily routine, it allows you to move with more ease in our daily life. No matter your age or physical shape Pilates works for everyone, and if you enjoying dancing then getting closer to your core is essential to allow the flow of movement and to enjoy a solid balance, which is fundamental for your body confidence and self-expression.

Tango-Dance-Release-Connect, extracts from Corrientes’ Coffee Break

Tango is an improvised dance, which means there are not a set of steps that you remember by memory, like another dance as you do, that you learned some sequences and repeat those sequences exactly the same time after time. In Tango you don’t have that which means that the trajectory of movement needs to be very clear for better communication with my partner, is not only for aesthetic purposes, of course, the movement will be seen much clear when the trajectory of movement is very well defined but it also communicates clearer to the other whether you are a ‘leader’ or a ‘follower’.

Jazz and Tango – partners or rivals?

Introduction As Tango fans we have probably noticed that some Tango band recorded Foxtrot and if we have travelled to Buenos Aires we would have noticed perhaps that some milongas play 'jazz' as cortinas, why, how and when Jazz encountered the Tango or was the Tango...

Tango, between tradition and evolution

The Argentine Tango is a cultural phenomenon that resonates within those who believe dancing is a way to connect oneself with people from all cultural and social backgrounds. This dance has proven to be beyond time, it has survived two great worlds, military regimes,...