2020 (and most probably 2021) has been a year where dancers faced a new reality: everything we thought to be established in our lives went away at the blink of our eyes: our jobs, dance schools and work prospects.

Artists and dancers learn from a very early age that nothing related to our profession can be expected to be easy and we are great at adapting and moving forward in the midst of great difficulties. This current pandemic has shaken our livelihood, it made us change the course of our work and to adapt to online resources as quickly as we could. We also saw a great deal of support and camaraderie from fellow tangueros.

Dancing is primarily a social fact, a dancing community is a healthy community. It is universally recognised that dancing plays a major role in the physical and mental health of the population, a community organically connected to art, music and dance is more likely to be positive, resilient and proactive.  Dance offers us the possibility to understand our spiritual and physical nature, how we have shaped or continuing shaping our inner self, our deep internal landscape. Probably by now each of us have assessed of how being in lockdown or within very restricted spaces is affecting our own way of life, we have experienced loneliness, face up to the time we are passing without social contact or even worse without family reunion.

Despite physical isolation, we have managed to stay socially connected, found new ways of social interaction and brought new forms of teaching and learning to our practice. Nothing different could have been as dance taught us all that we ought to always move forward, at different levels and paces.

2021 is going to arrive soon, a new cycle and we must assess the best way forward to surpass these challenging times, all the teaching and tests from this passing year and be back soon, stronger and better.  From all here at Corrientes Social Club, thank you to the many who extended their hand in support, we hope to continue responding to your great generosity with our best efforts to do a great job with our teaching and opening doors safely when the time is correct, although as we are in this situation for a long time ahead, we shall probably learn to live differently from now on and continue to love dancing and Tango the way we do and more.