“Please, just for me, forget the steps…
Hold me, feel the music, and give me your soul.
Then I can give you mine.”

– Sally Cat2

“Beginners want to dance like intermediates;
intermediates want to dance like advanced dancers;
advanced dancers want to dance like the greats;
but the greats always go back to basics.”

“Tango is about feeling and sensitivity,
otherwise you are just doing gymnastics.
You can do all the steps but it has to have the feeling
and sensitivity of authentic tango.”

– Miguel Zotto

About Us

Mina and Giraldo work extensively as dancers and teachers touring and performing as well as teaching at regional and local tango schools. They are tango coaches for the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing series since 2013. In 2014 they celebrated 20 years of tango dancing, their tango journey started in their hometown Colombia moving to London in 1994 and visiting Buenos Aires on a regular basis for the past 19 years. 

“A world and a phenomenon brought to life on stage by the Tango Siempre Quartet and dancers Mina and Giraldo…an evening of multi-faceted and varied passion” – Bill Harpe, The Guardian

Mina and Giraldo were fortunate to have experienced tango in Argentina in the late 90s under the wing of renown tango milongueros from the 40s (Tango Golden Age): Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Carlos Gavito, Puppy Costello, Raúl Bravo and Carlos y Rosita Pérez. They have also trained intensively with the very best exponents of the tango’s rebirth age: Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Hermocida, Guillermina Quiroga, Roberto Reis, Graciela Gonzalez, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Roberto Herrera, Natalia and Gabriel, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa amongst many others.

“Raw emotion and visceral quality…this was an all-too-rare opportunity to sample the delights of Tango as it should be performed…to say that their skill is extraordinary is an understatement.” – Dance Today

What our members love about Tango, Mina and Giraldo and CorrientesSC: 


One of The UK’s  top Argentine Tango dancers, he combines teaching, performing and choreographing on a tight schedule across the year. He is based in London with teaching residencies at regional tango clubs.

A true tango artist that has inspired hundreds of pupils in tango clubs/schools in the UK and abroad.

Giraldo has been described by the press as “a sought-after teacher in London…clearly an instinctual tango dancer”

Tango classes in London

The tango from Buenos Aires has been his passion since early age, Giraldo knows deeply about the roots of tango, he is a dedicated tango music collector and a disciplined, highly committed dancer who crosses the Atlantic on regular in search of Buenos Aires’ tango recent evolving.

His artistry and professionalism has been captured in his dancing roles for hit west end production with Midnight Tango, the English Opera House and with touring producers in the UK and abroad.

Giraldo was a guest dancer performing Argentinean Tango at BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in the 2005, 2006 and 2008 series. In 2007 he performed in Carmen, a production by the English National Opera, under the direction of British film maker Sally Potter.He starred in the west end hit tango production MIDNIGHT TANGO with Strictly Come Dancing stars Vincent and Flavia. The show opened at the Strand Theatre in January 2011 touring the UK with sold out audiences across the country until July 2013.

Giraldo currently teaches at several tango clubs in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol and other regions.


Mina studied dance since and early age, from ballet, jazz, contemporary dance to folk dancing with specialization in Argentine Tango. Her dance studies range from postgraduate studies in adult education, Pilates instructor and a Master Degree in Choreography.

A dance artist with a long and established profession in the dance world. Her exceptional work has been recognised by the Arts Council of England, Channel 4, the BBC, renowned Latin American and British choreographers and dancers alike. Born in Colombia, Mina grew up in a culture which has kept the historical influences of the Native Indian, African and Spanish traditions in a constant evolution. Her passion for dance, culture and Latin American heritage reflects with force in her dance and choreographic productions.

Tango for women

“Choreography for me evolves through working in close collaboration with other disciplines, musicians, writers, visual artists – each bringing their history and influences to the core of my work, tango, to create a passionate performance experience and a new dance language.” 

Mina has performed  in the film Evita with Madonna, created choreography for Dance a Channel 4-commissioned film, and collaborated with Deborah Bull’s BBC dance season Travels with my Tutu. In 2015 Mina was chosen to play Lucille in the UK film Crowhurst. She directed artLAT (2003-2012), her main works have included the national touring productions: 

Tiempo de Tango (2004),Romance DíCarnaval (2006) and Amazonas Spectacular (2012), all tours supported by the Arts Council of England. Mina was invited as guest dancer for the Argentine tango company TANGO X2 during their London season at the Peacock Theatre in 2000. She currently collaborates with BBC Strictly Come Dancing as resident tango trainer for the competing celebrities. She teaches Argentine Tango special workshops regularly in London and the regions including women only pilates and body awareness courses.

Oscar Vasile

Born in Tuchman Argentina, Oscar is a dedicated tango instructor with a folk dancing dance background. His tango journey started 20 years ago

learning from Argentina’s very best tango maestros such us Pablo Veron, Sebastian Arce, Andres Cejas, Junior Cevilla amongst many others. In London he works in close collaboration with Mina and Giraldo at Corrientes Social Club.

Oscar teaches at his own tango club in Hertfordshire and it is invited to teach in clubs around UK, Poland and Italy.  His carisma, good sense of humor and accesible approach to teaching have made of him a very popular and beloved tango tutor in London.

Argentine Tango Lessons and Classes for Beginners in London