I found Learning  Tango online difficult at first but when one got used to it and with the aid of the recorded demonstrations I found it very useful I will look forward to any further courses.

Paul Brierley

“My teachers Mina and Giraldo show me a depth of emotion and true partnership when they danced which was as touching as it was technically impressing”. 

Katie Derham

TV Presenter ‘Sound of Dance', BBC3

 I think that  Mina & Giraldo’s online courses have something for everyone. It would be very useful as a  refresher or beginner course, or for the more experienced dancer who wants to look again at some key elements of technique that one didn’t get 100%  the first time around. They introduce new ideas and the exercises make you work on both on the left and right movements and experience and understand both follower and leader roles. Their online Zoom lessons are a good workout and it’s an opportunity for Q&A  and more importantly,  it’s  great fun.

Laurence Daly

It was no surprise to anyone of us who know you, that the courses were extremely well prepared and structured. You not only provided live tuition and made sure every one of us got honest and helpful comments just like in the studio, but you prepared a written and detailed syllabus and an advance video recording of the moves taught, for the participants’ perusal before and after the class.  

Kitty and Spiro

It was very helpful to receive individual feedback in the online sessions.

Caroline Baker

Mina and Giraldo’s classes online have been a lifesaver to keep me on my toes during lockdown. Both the Vimeo recordings and life zoom classes have helped me develop better musicality, posture and the little technical concepts we don’t get time to learn in a large face to face group class. I would highly recommend them to everyone in couples or solo like me. Mina’s warm-up and chill out exercises are also fantastic for body and soul, with a latin twist ;-). Thank you guys for all your efforts. 

Ximena Arias-Manzano

We all know the phrase ‘it takes two to tango’ and Covid-19 put an end to close contact but I found it great to be able to continue to learn and practice complex steps and learn more technique, which is so important to me; hear beautiful tango music and at times melt ‘into the moment of tango’ right in my living room.

Marie Best