As a member you agree to the following:


Have a page on our membership book where your name and membership number will be displayed on a single page. Upon arrival you must sign and date on the page that will be allocated to you. All other information such email and telephone will be kept on our data base and will not be passed to third parties accordingly to the Data Protection Act 1998 and it will only be used for information on events related to Corrientes Social Club.

The membership is valid for 5 years and you only need to register once. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Before and after any event please leave the premises in a quiet way specially when outside the building or if you are parking or walking toward the nearby residential areas.

Your membership will allow you to bring one guest who will sign the membership reception book under your membership page. On special occasions you can bring a group of guests however this will need to be discussed with the club prior the date so that we can release a group guests pass.

The club will only give access to its members and guest(s), non members will not have access to the club until their free registration has been completed.

The club will provide a ‘bar’ services offering water, natural juices, beers, wines, cocktails and soft drinks;  the bar service is fully licensed. No other drinks are allowed in the premises during our event. There will be tap water and complementary fruits from 11pm. Our current policy of low prices will stay in place.

The club has a tradition of dancing in ronda in anticlockwise direction. Random floor navigation disturbs other dancers and blocks the flow of the dance floor. High ganchos and boleos are welcome after 1am or when the dancing area is not full.

Forward any complaints or suggestions either by letter or phone or personal contact. The club will address the issue/point with a written response or/and phone call and your views and suggestions will be taken on board. Any feedback will be very welcomed and recorded in our record Log-book.

As a member you will have priority on discounts for special events when possible and be the first to be contacted for opportunities that might arise. Also if you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires we will be happy to offer independent advice and contact details to facilitate your trip.


Welcome to Corrientes