Tango Classes

The Embrace

-A media Luz by Juan D’ Arienzo Orquesta.

The tango begins and ends in the embrace

The encounter between two dancing bodies has much to do with emotional commitment, tango is a dance that in essence is related to feelings, a heart to heart meeting, it is also a complex mix of physical, musical and emotional elements. 


Tips to achieve a joyful and comfortable ‘abrazo’:

  • The couple should aim to dance within a comfortable ‘frame’ that is not rigid and provides the right space for the footwork by using upper body isolations. 
  • When moving the ‘frame’ the arms and chest should be considered as one unit. If you rotate to one side or the other, the arms do not move independently of the chest. 
  • The distance varies depending on the figures; the smooth and subtle openings of the embrace should not be feel abrupt or forceful.


Above all be attentive and tuned in with each other, if done well this deep communication will emerge as a wholeness connection creating a magical moment of pure dance immersion.

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