Part 2 of 4

Positive Attitude

Here at we continue to introduce the injury recover topic to our dancing blog divided in a 4-part series:

Positive Attitude
Understanding muscular unbalances
Following Progressive and Integral Recovery Programme.

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Part II Positive Attitude

It is important for your mental health during the recovery period to keep positive. Negativity slows down the healing process:

Lack of motivation
Changes in appetite
Sleep disturbance

Are all emotional responses to injury

Set new goals for yourself (but keep them realistic): you need to let yourself heal and regain the strength back.  Take baby steps until you are ready to get back to dancing safely.

While you are getting better and having less physical activity try to keep animated and mentally active by reading, watching films you like…perhaps write your own ‘recovery journal’ or just do anything of your choice that can help to keep you motivated into recovering well.

***Be patient: your body needs enough time to heal properly and organically.  Do not jump right back into it the day you start to feel a little bit better, don’t forget “go slower, arrive sooner”.

Music: Vals Isabel by Hugo Díaz.
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