I came to learn Tango Argentino with Mina and Giraldo over two years ago. They changed my life. Tango has been gaining popularity for a couple of decades now, and for me Corrientes is an absolute treasure – Mina and Giraldo do everything to teach their students the authentic dance, and not a simple watered-down version, to preserve all the fundamentals that make it so unique. I fell in love with tango – the dance, the music, the history – because of my teachers. The education that I’m getting at Corrientes is well-rounded because we try to learn many things that make a good dancer – how do we move? How do we connect to our dance partners? What makes for a great dance? What was the evolution of it? From men’s and women’s special workshops that Mina and Giraldo teach in London and other parts of the UK, to the Milonguero series – where we take a closer look at specific important dancers – solo and couples – that made a great contribution to tango – Mina and Giraldo share so much knowledge. The Tango Lab series that we have allows to work on separate elements of the dance, to drill down, so to speak, on the little things that make a huge impact. Mina and Giraldo are both consummate professionals, and their students benefit greatly from their teachers’ having trained in theatre and dance, and their life-long love and dedication to tango. Corrientes milonga is wonderful, they are considerate and caring hosts. And my favourite treat is to watch my teachers dance.

Sasha Frankland

Student and Club Member

I have enjoyed learning tango with Mina and Giraldo from Corrientes Social Club, for quite a few years. They have a unique teaching method that they have developed with their many years of experience as tango teachers, dancers and performers. They are approachable, fun and dedicated. They also organise a regular milonga (Tango Social Dance Events) in London, which is very well known and one of the most popular places to dance the Argentine Tango. As an organiser myself, I have employed them as visiting teachers in Bristol and have not only been impressed by their constant commitment to tango and teaching tango, but by their professional attitude. They are also really nice people!

Jenny Harmer

The Tango room.co.uk

Giraldo and Mina are driven by their passion for dance and are both trained dancers. This shows in their professionalism and knowledge about the movement of the body and how to achieve elegance and fluidity in the dance. They have studied and trained with the best maestros and share this history with their students in an informative but fun manner. They constantly strive to improve their classes and open at new venues to bring Argentine Tango to different communities across London. Their fortnightly milonga, “ Corrientes” is by far the best in London and entrance includes a free class. Their dedication, experience and knowledge of Argentine Tango is unsurpassed in the UK – they are simply the Best.

Kate Wormald

Club Member

Mina and Giraldo are wonderful teachers who have contributed to the UK Argentine tango scene for many years. Their milonga (social dance venue) “Corrientes” is one of the best and most popular in London. It is well organized and they bring the best tango teachers and DJs to London to the great benefit of the local Argentine tango community. They also offer weekly lessons in different locations where they not only teach the best tango technique but also impart their extensive knowledge of tango culture and music.

Terry Meinrath

Corrientes' Tango Member

I am so happy I discovered Corrientes Social Club. I have spent many a happy evening at their events. The events are well run and welcoming, irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity. Mina and Giraldo are charming hosts who go out of their way to make sure their members have a good time. They have a very personal touch and make sure each member is greeted and made to feel valued. A refreshing change in a big metropolis like London. I feel my membership is valued and I certainly value being a member…thank you Corrientes Social Club!

Julia Johnson

Club Member

Giraldo and Mina’s classes are superb. Their group classes are well structured and paced with the right combination of technique exercises and useful steps and sequences. They always tune into the group’s needs and break their explanations down to manageable bits of information so at the end of the class you see progress and distance travelled in all participants. Their corrections are precise and even though they are busy classes, they always manage to give meaningful feedback with clear directions on how to improve to all participants. They have an extraordinary knowledge of the human body and teach how to dance whilst using the right posture. I always get a lot from his group classes.  There are a lot of tango schools out there but it unusual to find talented dancers of their caliber who can communicate so well how to dance.

Gabriela Narcue

Tango Student

Mina and Giraldo have succeeded in bringing tango to London and the surrounding areas. With their passion and astonishing depth of knowledge they have created one of the very finest dance schools and social dancing facilities for all ages, all abilities to the community. Well respected and hugely popular they provide a comfortable and easy atmosphere in which to study and learn dance to an audience of varying abilities and natural talent. Without this, the tango community would not thrive and be such a pleasure to inhabit for many of us. They throughly deserve every success and they work tirelessly to provide for all. Always gracious and welcoming they always have time for the individual as well as the group.

Felicity Ireland

Tango Student and Club Member

When Mina and Giraldo first began teaching tango and set up Corrientes there were maybe a handful of teachers in London. They transmitted their love of the dance, their dedication to dance at large, and their commitment to creating a community through an educational and social environment that was welcoming to all ages, abilities, class, gender, nationality. They have never deviated from this. They remain committed to encouraging every individual who comes to their classes and milongas. If London is now saturated with tango teachers and events it’s in part because Mina and Giraldo paved the way. They are highly qualified and experienced dance professionals with as much integrity as passion for tango. Corrientes is not a vehicle to promote them as stars and figureheads. The focus is entirely on the individual who comes to them, and creating a meaningful experience for the collective of individuals. For dance professionals of this calibre to provide their teaching to ‘ordinary’ people is wonderful.

Lorna V

Club Member

Mina and Giraldo have graced the London Tango scene for nearly two decades and they are for me the best teachers. The lessons are structured encompassing bodywork, technique, precision and musicality. I like the fact that they are thorough correcting you during the class, allowing you to correct bad habits and improve your technique. Although the lessons are demanding, they are sensitive to the students’ needs making you feel supported.

Nathalie Signeux


After quite a few falls starts, where the teacher were lacking, I have been attending Mina and Giraldo’s classes for several years now. Their knowledge, passion and generosity is unparalleled. Their classes are very well prepared, perfectly structured and aimed at those that want to learn traditional Argentine tango as well as possible.They are also experts at the body and its mechanism, which is essential in teaching tango technique. The classes are focused but also friendly, aimed at getting the best out of their students. Mina and Giraldo also run one of the best and most authentic milongas in London thus connecting the learning side with the social.

Kitty Omfalos

Student and Club Member

Giraldo and Mina are both beautiful dancers who are totally dedicated to passing on their talent, experience and love of tango to others. Their teaching style is warm and encouraging and carefully covers all aspects of dancing such as balance, posture and grace of movement rather than just focussing on steps and sequences as many other teachers do. Both Giraldo and Mina understand that after you reach a certain level it is the small details that make beautiful dancers and they are persistent in making their students focus on these areas. For this reason, along with their charm and friendliness they are able to create tango dancers that will stand out on a crowded dance floor.

Salena Mulet

Participant and Club Member

I live in a rural area with not much access to good tango teaching however we are lucky that Giraldo visits from time to time. When he does I always travel to his classes even though they involve a journey of 90 minutes through stressful congested rush hour traffic. His classes are always superb, his attention to detail and his technique so thorough. In a private lesson he can immediately know what to teach you to improve your dance. His knowledge of the skeletal frame and the way the body moves gives him the skills to help us dance better. He’s a patient, charming funny guy that manages to put you at ease and his lessons are always worth attending.

Julie Jenkins

Tango Student

The technical knowledge that I have gained from Mina and Giraldo is amazing, they are truly gifted teachers.  I no longer live in London, but their approach to dancing still continues to inspire me.  Thank you both so much!

Yvonne Fisher


A brilliant Tango club -top quality teaching, efficiently run, nice venues and a really friendly inclusive atmosphere.

Peter and Celia Morris

Tango Students and Club Members

Mina and Giraldo are excellent teachers if you want to learn Argentine Tango. First of all I love the passion they have for the dance, emotionally and technically comes through when you attend their classes. Highly recommended, I so look forward to their visits in Reading.


Tango Student

Mina and Geraldo’s teaching is of a higher standard than many of the other Tango teachers I have encountered in the 22 years I have been dancing. It has become an essential element in my Tango progress to attend their classes to develop even further my Argentine Tango. It’s taught brilliantly, you are the best.

Ken Royden


Giraldo is one of the Best Tango Dancers and Teachers in the World and it is a pleasure to see him dancing and to be able to take classes from him in London. Keep being great.

Pedro Coimbra

Tango Student