Tango Essence Covent Garden

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Abstracting from release technique methods and contact improvisation our Friday Tango Labs in October are a space for exploration on key Classic Argentine Tango movement structures and their ‘know-how’.


Mina and Giraldo Tango Labs Series on Oct 4/11/18/25 Corrientes@CoventGarden 7.30-9pm

Tango Essence Labs are back, proven to be a much needed session to rework/reflect on the internal mechanisms in our bodies to acquire a deeper understanding of how we move and what could make a difference in the way we express our dancing.

*Wk1/Oct4 Magnes Lab I: Dancing motion flux for opposing attractions. How the upper bodies connect in Tango during linear change of directions in various speeds.

*Wk2/Oct11 Magnes Lab II: Dynamic resistance + magnetic attraction, how to create giros and contra giros exploring the embrace’s tridimensional connections.

*Wk3/Oct 18 Groundedness Lab I: Challenging our ‘center of gravity’ , producing movements coming from those spaces which define in our bodies on how we move in relationship with the ground, our own stability and capacity to control motion, ‘arrivals and departures’ during weight transfers.

*Wk4/Oct 25 Groundedness Lab II: The mechanics behind enrosques and deep pivots, developing our ability to build our own stability and capacity to control motion during circular movement patterns.

@GymBox Covent Garden 7.30pm-9pm £15 per class or buy a set of 4 classes £53


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