Tango 4 Beginners


Learning to dance tango is a fantastic way to meet new friends and a great opportunity to be sociable in a joyful way. You do not need to be an expert to adventure yourself into the world of tango, dance is a universal language and after few weeks of learning you can go tango dancing in London and anywhere in the world!

You can buy single lessons at £15 each or the full course at the discounted price of £142.


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With over 20 years of dancing, teaching and touring, tango experts Mina and Giraldo’s successful teaching methods will take your dancing to the next level. Their tango lessons have been rated as the best tango classes in London with excellent results, taking on students with little or no dance ability and getting them dancing with polished technique, musical interpretation and great floor navigation skills. They work in detail on building your technical foundations, guiding you into couple dance connection, crafted footwork and musical interpretation.

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