Beckenham Tango Course

£50.00 £45.00

Argentine Tango Classes in Beckenham with

Mina and Giraldo

New 5Wks Tango Course for Beginners

From Thursday 21st FEB – 21st MARCH 2019


Best Tango Classes in a structured and fun atmosphere.



Featured on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and The West End, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from tango maestros and one of London’s most respected, established and experienced tango dancers/teachers.


With over 20 years of dancing, teaching and touring, tango experts Mina and Giraldos successful teaching methods will take your dancing to the next level.

“Learning to dance tango is a fantastic way to meet new friends and a great opportunity to socialise. You do not need to be an expert to venture into the world of tango, after a few weeks of learning you can go tango dancing in London or anywhere in the world because dance is a universal language”



1. Hip stability
2. Ability to stabilise the core whilst the lower limbs move
3. Good rotational mechanics for better use of body support
4. Lumbo-pelvic control
5. Overall Flexibility and strength.
These special workshops are limited in places and have specific themes. They run 6 times per year.

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