Solo MusicWorkout -Triptico- Tango*Vals*Milonga*


Available online 24/7 for up to 12 months. Triptico -Solo MusicWorkout-  is a fun, relaxed session designed as open level Music Workout class. Triptico is about playing with the musical identity we find in Tango/Milonga/Valse and how our bodies distinctively express each of the three branches coming out from Tango’s main ramifications.

Thought more as a fun session to reconnect with music and enjoying dancing to different beats. We also hope some of you can also send us suggestions for tracks that we can add to the lesson’s playlist.


  • Set 1-5 Rhythm and Accents in Tango-Milonga-Vals: Common grounds, what unifies them, music workout to get us moving and learning how to play with the beats and accents in each of the three rhythms. Music identity and interpretation: What makes Tango, Valse and Milonga different from each other, how our bodies express differently in each of them. We will use figures that show Tango/Valse/Milonga distinctive moves and what makes them unique. For instance comparing, for example, how the Giro and Firuletes happen in the valse different from Tango and milonga and vice-versa.
  • Set 6: In this section we will demonstrate how you could apply these musical interpretations when you dance with partners plus a Q & A session to help you clarify or expand explanations or to help you with a particular move.

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