From SEP 12- Dic 5

Thursdays at The Crofton Halls in Orpington -Bromley-

Learn to dance Tango in a structured and fun atmosphere.  Join our vibrant community of social dancers and get to know the Argentine Tango, one of the most beautiful, elegant, and sensual dance of modern times.  After the class why not join the práctica free of charge for beginners at the Small Hall.  Intermediates class runs parallel to to the beginners session at the Main Hall.

Beginners £10 per session or book a pass of 5 lessons £45 valid up to 3 months.

Intermediate lesson £12, it includes two hours of Práctica.

Our course is also a great choice for:

*socialising and and meeting new people

*keeping fit and healthy! 

*building self-confidence

*achieving a new life skill while enjoying dancing

Mina and Giraldo’s precise class structure will get you dancing with clear technique and understanding of the essence of Tango, learning in a progressive teaching method designed to achieve the very best from your dancing potential.

Practica classes on Thursdays from 9pm-11pm so you can progress and join our tango community.

And Get Ready To Dance

“In the classes we explore fundamental knowledge to achieve a comfortable embrace, couple connection, dancing and posture, musicality and classic argentine tango footwork and figures for an enjoyable and stylish salon dancing”.