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Private sessions will give you the opportunity to tailor efficiently your  individual dancing needs. We’ll design a programme specially for you. Book a single class or a package of 5.

Semi-private Groups

These progressive semi private classes are a good alternative to private sessions, they take place weekly on Wednesday 7.30-9.00pm at Kentish Town. Maximum 5 couples, advance booking only.

Women workshop

‘Women Special’ is a very popular workshop amongst the tango ladies. It’s a 3 hour session that combines release dance, pilates ‘core strength’ and Argentine Tango dancing technique. They take place every 6 weeks in London. Advance booking only, limited to 12 participants.

We define Tango Workout as



 We encourage understanding of tango as a creative/aesthetic form based on shared codes more clearly represented in the Classic Tango or Tango de Salon.

Corrientes TangoWorkout responds to our urban life in the 21st Century, this include an understanding about our students’ jobs which in many cases implies working in office environment expending long hours on chairs or in standing positions.


Alongside with learning tango sequences or figures we also invite our students to look at their own bodies’ naturally movement to nurture organic connections with the dancing partner.

To get you dancing with good posture, balance, body control and in a comfortable embrace, we have designed TangoWorkout, a comprehensive body training method that includes principles from dance based practices such us Feldenkrais, Yoga and tone/core stability from Pilates. It is our response to a decade of conscious detailed studies in several aspects of these disciplines and their potential connection with classical Tango movements.


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